Regulation Edition 2023

(Regulation approved by ACSI)

The ASD TOP DOLOMITES organizes the 5th edition of the cycling race called “Granfondo Top Dolomites Montura Madonna di Campiglio ”. You have two possibilities to performance the Top Dolomites Granfondo on June, 4th 2023.
The first one is the Granfondo with a total length of 125 km, and the second one is the Mediofondo with a total length of 83 km. The two routes differences in length and height, travelling between Madonna di Campiglio and Riva del Garda.

Short info

• Event’s name: “Granfondo Top Dolomites Montura Madonna di Campiglio”

• Date: 2-3-4 June 2023

• Starting: the race will start at 8.30 am from Pinzolo

• Place: Starting in Pinzolo and arrival in Madonna di Campiglio

• Registrations: closing on 28th May 2023 (early closing at the reaching of 1.500 participants)

• Refreshments: there will refreshments on both the Granfondo and the Mediofondo routes

• Technical assistance: supplied by the organization, including the mechanical assistance. It is strictly forbidden by private cars and it is not authorized by the Organizing Committee.

• Race package: Montura accessories


The “Top Dolomites Granfondo Montura – Madonna di Campiglio” is allowed to all the UCI – FCI members and to Institutions of Sport Promotion that have signed the agreement with the UCI – FCI for the year 2023.

The entry is also subjected to the following conditions:
• Athletes registered with a UCI license must provide Medical certificate of physical eligibility for cycling sport activity (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not accepted).
• Foreign riders without a UCI license must submit a medical certificate in English language, attesting the eligibility in participating to a competitive cycling race, and a daily card at the cost of € 10.

Riders without a license card are allowed to participate by subscribing a daily UCI-FCI Card at the cost of 10.00 € ; the daily card has to be requested contextually with registration; the rider has to provide a valid Medical Certificate attesting the physical eligibility for cycling sport activity (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc. are not accepted).


The Organizing Committee may decide whether to accept or refuse any entry of a rider who can damage the image of the event. The registration of a partecipant who has received a sports, civil or criminal penalties to his name – pending or already suffered – for doping-related facts greater than 6 months can be refused.


Granfondo and Mediofondo.


Junior (18-29 years) – Senior 1 (30-34 years) – Senior 2 (35-39 years) – Veterani 1 (40-44 years) – Veterani 2 (45-49 years) – Gentleman 1 (50-54years) – Gentleman 2 (55-59 years) – Super Gentleman A (60-64 years) – Super Gentleman B (65-75 years) Women 1 (18-39 years) – Women 2 (40-59 years) – Women 3 (60-75 years)

Grid settlement

guests – sponsors- charity fee – gold fee

MERIT GRIF: 151 – 500
– the first 50 classified Granfondo and Mediofondo 2022 edition
– the first 50 registred to zero wind show
– the first 3 classified at the Zero Wind Show for each category in the long and medium race during the year 2022;

1 GRID: 501 – 1000
– date of registration

2 GRID: 1001 – 1500
– date of registration

Medio Fondo Route (83 km)

The Medio Fondo route goes down to Spiazzo and through Tione it goes up to the Passo Durone towards Madonna di Campiglio through Stenico, Preore and Pinzolo.

Gran Fondo Routes (125 km)

The Gran Fondo starts facing the Passo del Durone, through Fiavè you arrive towards Lago di Tenno with the downhill towards Riva del Garda and Arco. Then it goes up again to the Passo del Ballino and then down to Ponte Arche and, through the Val Rendena, it reaches Madonna di Campiglio.

Time Limit

Within 3.30 pm
Beyond these terms, participation will not be considered valid; participants will be able to consult the roadmaps indicating the travel time for both routes on the website.

Closing Gate

Closing gate in Fiavè at 10 am. The participants who will arrive at the crossroads of Fiavè (granfondo and mediofondo route) after 10 am will have to take the mediofondo route.


The awards ceremony will take place in Piazza Sissi Madonna di Campiglio, the ceremonial area. (compatibly with the anticovid restrictions).
The prizes will be delivered directly during the awards ceremony. It is not possible to receive them at home. Proxies to other people for the collection of the prize will not be accepted.

Will be given to the first 3 men and the first 3 women for each category in the two routes.

Will be given to the 3 teams with the highest number of registered riders

Official Classification

A general order of arrival and a classification by category will be elaborated, as well as by companies with the criteria already described.
The rankings and the order of arrival of the “Top Dolomites Granfondo Montura ”will be published on the website



OneChip is the new arrival in the world of amateur cycling.

In 2023, it will be possible to take part in Italian events timed by MySDAM, Krono Service, TDS and Winning Time timers with a one-off personal transponder!

In the same events, you will also be able to use all yellow WinningTime personal transponders, the Nove Colli special edition transponders and all Krono Service transponders already in your possession, provided you enabled them for 2023. MySDAM transponders may no longer be used. All those in possession of the green or yellow MySDAM transponders are entitled to get a OneChip for the price of the only activation by handing in their MySDAM transponder at the Race Office.

The transponder is available for purchase directly at the Race Office – situated in the Registration Area – at the price of € 30.00.

You can enable your OneChip for 2023 Cycling and MTB events at the Race Office at a fee of € 25.00.

This activation is linked to a specific transponder, so it is not transferable to another transponder in the event of its loss or damage.

As an alternative to using one’s own transponder, it is possible to rent a daily transponder for the competition at a fee of € 10.00, of which € 5.00 is intended as a security deposit that will be returned when the transponder is brought back. You may hand it back from thirty minutes after the arrival of the first competitor up to thirty minutes after the event’s time limit. If the transponder is not returned, it becomes your property and you will be able to use it on other events, subject to prior activation. The transponder is only allowed to be returned during the same event in which it was rented.

The transponder must be placed with the provided plastic holder on the seatpost.


The use of the transponder is compulsory for organisational and event safety reasons. The timing service is NOT guaranteed for those who do not place the transponder correctly.

Failure in using the chip or its not proper use will cause the rider not to be timed nor to be listed in the ranking.
The chip must be returned at the end of the race, otherwise there will be a penalty of € 45

Timing Stations

They will be prepared at the start, on arrival and along the two routes. The management of controls will be entrusted to authorized personnel. Those who anticipate the start or take the start without carrying out the start control, will be excluded from the final classification and sanctioned according to the F.C.I.

Refreshing points and mechanical assistance

Along the route, refreshment and mechanical points will be set up and organized only for cyclists who will wear the race bib.

Road Crossings

Organization staff, A.S.A. staff, Civil Protection Department, Protezione Civile, Fire Department, Police and volunteer will grant the checking of the road crossings and of the most challenging points.


The organizing committee is not responsible for possible theft of bicycles left unattended.

Withdrawn athletes

Broom vehicles will follow the race in the rear to pick up withdrawn athletes with their bikes so to transfer them to the arrival area.

Assistance during the race

During the race, the mechanical and medical assistance will be granted with fixed and mobile stations.
No vehicle (cars, motorbikes, scooters, etc.) is allowed to follow the riders, penalty the immediate disqualification of the rider.

Following vehicles

Only the vehicles authorized by the organization can follow the race. The Police, the Technical Escort, the Motorcycles will precede and escort the athlets during both the routes.
Transceiver are not allowed.

Healthy service

The healthy service will be grant during the race, and at the start and arrival points with fixed locations, ambulances, volunteers. The emergency number for all participants to call only and exclusively in the event of a serious emergency during the race is 118.

Rode Code

During the event, the traffic will be partially closed. Therefore, all participant must respect the rules of road. All the participants that are overcome by the car with the banner “FINE GARA CICLISTICA” will continue the race as cycle tourists, keeping the back number and respecting the Road Code. All the cyclists who will partecipate to the race without a regular registration, will be held legally responsible in the event of accidents involving them, whether they are the cause or not.


All those who throw waste along the way will be reported to the Jury and excluded from the final classification. Participants are invited to maintain a decent attitude during the race and during the starting operations.


All the participants to the “Top Dolomites Granfondo Montura” will be covered by the saranno coperti da insurance agreements stipulated by F.C.I. and Organizing Committee.

The use of the helmet is strictly mandatory during the race


Any claim has to be sent to the Jury in due time and has to be submitted with a FCI claim fee.

Liability Declaration

“I, the undersigned, for myself, for my heirs and testamentary executors, aware of the penal sanctions provided for in the event of untruthful declarations and falsification of documents (art. 26 l. 15/68 e art 489 c.p.) I declare that I have read and consequently know, accept and respect the regulations of the “Top Dolomites Granfondo Montura “and to be aware that participation in competitive sporting events is potentially a risky activity if not properly prepared and in suitable physical conditions; to be aware that to register you must be in possession of a valid medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports for cycling and to be 16 years old on the date of the event; to register voluntarily and I assume all risks deriving from my participation in the event: falls, contact with vehicles, with other participants, spectators or otherwise, weather conditions, including scorching heat, extreme cold and / or humid, traffic and conditions of the road, every type of risk well known and evaluated by me.
Being aware of the above, considering the acceptance of my registration, I, on my behalf and in the interest of no one else, release the Organizing Committee of the “Top Dolomites Granfondo Montura “, the F.C.I., the Municipalities of Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio, starting and finishing points, all the other municipalities crossed by the race course, the Province of Trento, the Trentino-Alto Adige Region, the promoters, all sponsors and organizational partners of the event, their respective representatives, successors, officers, directors, members, agents, collaborators and employees of the aforementioned companies, of all present and future claims or responsibilities of any kind, known or strangers, derived from my participation in the event.”

Privacy and image rights

In accordance with Legislative Decree n. 196 of 30/06/2003, before registering, the athlete is required to read the documentation regarding the protection of privacy, available on the website and to express his consent to the processing of personal data.
The data provided will be processed in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 n.196 and used exclusively for the purposes set out in the information published on the website
By registering with the “Top Dolomites Granfondo | Madonna di Campiglio – With Francesco Moser “, the athlete expressly authorizes the Organizing Company, together with the legal entities with which he has professional and commercial relations relating and connected to the shooting of the images of the event, to the free acquisition of the right to use the still or moving images on which it may appear, taken on the occasion of its participation in the competition on all visual supports as well as on promotional and / or advertising materials produced and disseminated throughout the world and for the maximum time required by laws, regulations , by the treaties in force, including any extension that may be made to the period provided.

Event cancellation

In the event that the race is canceled and / or postponed to another date, or in any case due to force majeure and / or reasons not attributable and / or not related to the Organizer, including the revocation of the authorization from the public authorities, the member will have nothing to demand to the Organizing Committee and / or to Top Dolomites ASD, neither for the return of the registration fee, nor as a reimbursement of any expense incurred or to be incurred. By Subscribing to the Top Dolomites Granfondo Madonna di Campiglio, the athlet accepts this clause and waives any claim resulting from the cancellation and / or postponement of the tender. Attention: The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify these regulations at any time to grant a better organization of the race, after the authorization of the FCI.
The event will take place in any weather condition.
In case of different necessity caused from Covid emergency, the organizing commitee can determinate the changement of this regulation.
For anything not provided for in this regulation, are valid the rules of the Technical Regulations of the Amateur and National Cycling Tourism Sector S.A.N.

Top Dolomites ASD

Via Venezia 47/m
38066 Riva del Garda (TN) – Italy
C.F. e P.iva: 02485580225 1