Regulation Brenta Tour

Art. 1
At the Randonnée Circuit Brenta Tour can participate any cyclist as long as in possession of a regular card issued by an ASD (Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica) belonging to an Organization or Federation and a civil liability insurance through the ASD for which it is registered.

Art. 2
All athlets are admitted who, on the day of the Randonnèe, have turned 18 and are not older than 70 years.

Art. 3
The cyclist is obligated, prior to the start, to accept without reservation the rules contained in these regulations and be a member of a council or has a daily license.

Art. 4
All types of bicycles with chain transmission are allowed as long as they are moved by muscle power alone.

Art. 5

Each participant during the Randonnée must:

a) Consider himself/herself to be on a private ride.

b) Follow and respect the traffic Code and all official road signs.

c) Use existing cycling paths.

d) Wear a rigid protective helmet.

e) Take care by crossing road as they will not be guarded by the organization.

f) The organization cannot be held responsible in any case for accidents that may happen during the Randonnèe.

Art. 6

During the ride, in any cases where visibility is not sufficient and satisfactory (weather conditions, fog, rain, tunnels, etc.) the bicycle of the cyclist must be equipped with a front and rear lighting system that is solidly fixed and in constant working order. Each cyclist is obliged to activate the lighting system at night or when it gets dark, as well as at any time when visibility is not good enough and to check the perfect functionality of the lighting system.

The cyclist is also obliged to wear accessories with reflective powers during the night and whenever visibility is not sufficient. The organization prohibits the departure of the cyclist whose lighting system is not working and whose reflective equipment is not worn and/or does not meet the requirements.

Art. 7
Any infringement of articles 5 and 6 of these regulations will disqualify the cyclist from the Randonnèe patent.

Art. 8
Each cyclist must personally take care of everything necessary for the successful execution of the Randonnèe and can receive assistance only at the checkpoints set by the organization and specified in the route card.

At the start of the ride, each cyclist receives a travel card with information about the route and the checkpoints. At the checkpoints, the cyclist is obliged to have that card checked for proper authentication. The missing validation, the lost of the card or the presentation of an unreadable card will cause the exclusion from the patent. The cyclist is obliged to keep the travel card with the highest care in order to facilitate its reading.

The validation of the travel card is made at a checkpoint indicated on the card by staff of the organiser or persons authorised to do so.

Art. 11
The timetables indicated on the travel card and road book, indicate the opening and closing hours of the controls points that the participating cyclists must absolutely respect.


The access times to the checkpoints will be as follows:

DEPARTURE and ARRIVAL: Madonna di Campiglio

For checkpoints see the road book in PDF format

The opening of the checkpoint at the arrival, will be made not before 2:00 pm.

If the cyclist cannot locate the checkpoint, he may justify his passage by attaching and producing a fiscal ticket indicating the country, day and time of passage.

Art. 12
On arrival, each cyclist must show the organisation’s staff the travel card complete with all the stamps to be homologated.

Art. 13
The randonnèe patent is not a competition and does not involve any ranking or awarding of prizes.

At the end of the patent Randonnèe, the organisation will compile a list of homologated cyclists with the time taken and will communicate it to the ARI.

Art. 15
Possible complaints by the cyclist can be expressed only in writing within 12 hours after the end of the patent, addressing them to the organization, which will examine them and send an opinion to ARI, before any decision.

Art. 16
The organization Randonnée Brenta Tour and the ARI, will regulate without appeal of any kind the cases submitted.